Reseller Panel

White Label

We have a website completely unaffiliated with us where you can dispense your subscriptions to your respective customers.

Reseller Links

We have a full fledged reseller panel which allows you to manage multiple subscriptions at the same time. We have enabled nametags on subscriptions to differentiate between subscriptions.

Lucrative Discounts

Every reseller is entitled to a 10% base discount. We also offer additional discounts ranging anywhere from 5-25% depending on the quantity ordered.


Discount Table

  • $50 - 5%
  • $100 - 10%
  • $200 - 15%
  • $350 - 20%
  • $500 - 25%
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Affiliate System

For users running blogs, social media personas & anyone interested in promoting us, we offer an affiliate system that will credit 10% of all referred purchases to your balance. Currently, you can use the balance to purchase any subscriptions on the site.

For further quotes, make a ticket to talk with our staff team.