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Frequently Asked Questions

Head over to the 'Products' page, select your product and subscription and you'll be redirected to the purchase gateway. When your payment is completed.

Yes, all purchases are instant. Transactions via cryptocurrency will be confirmed as soon as the confirmations on the transaction are received.

If your payment is already confirmed, you should have the subscription. If not, contact support immediately with your purchase information.

Just click the "Replace" button on your subscription page to generate a replacement account instantly.

Avoid logging in from too many devices, or changing any credentials (profiles, passwords, settings, billing info. etc). The more you are cautious with the account, the longer it lasts

Our accounts are high quality and last for quite a while. A moderate amount of replacements per account per day is allowed to prevent abuse.



No, unfortunately this is something we cannot allow. Kindly do not share your personal account credentials with anyone.

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